Daily Group Walks

For your active dog, Misfit Paws leads one hour
group walks mid-morning, mid-day, or afternoon.
Dogs get tuckered playing with their friends or
chasing a ball at local parks, including Buena Vista,
Bernal, McClaren and Fort Funsten. Of course, some
dogs just like to mosey along or enjoy the hunt of
a good smell, and there's plenty of time for that, too.


Private Walks and Senior Pets

Some of our dogs prefer the company of people,
and sometimes our senior dogs just need a potty break
or a shorter outing during the day. Misfit Paws is happy
to accommodate your pet's special needs.

overnightOvernight Care

When you're out of town, Misfit Paws looks forward to
spending even more time with your pet! We provide safe
overnight and daycare, with even more walks on the beach
and open space parks. We're happy to administer medication
and feed special diets so your pet's stay is comfortable.
Please schedule in advance, as we only have room for one
or two great pets at a time. We may require a 20% deposit
for overnight care, which is refundable if cancellation is
received one week in advance of your pet's scheduled stay.