First Time Clients and Pets

You'll have a chance to meet with Misfit Paws in your own home for an initial interview,
during which time dogs might go on a brief walk with Vanessa to get an idea of their
best fit for care. Pet owners will be asked to complete a brief intake and release form
which provides important pet medical information, contact information for owners, etc.
Clients should be prepared to provide entry keys at this time.

Health and Safety

All dogs should be fully vaccinated and wear proper, up-to-date identification tags
on well-fitting collars or harnesses. In addition, we ask that you regularly use some
sort of flea and tick repellant, either commercial or holistic. It is not unusual for us to
go on hikes through tall grass and we need all dogs to be protected from pests

We request that dogs who go on group walks have had at least basic training and have
good recall. For their own safety, dogs that do not respond quickly to their names will
not be let off leash during their walks. Please let us know if your dog has a special
behavior issue, for example, aggression towards other animals, fear of kids or loud noises,
separation anxiety, or any other issue you think might effect your pet's safety during our walk.
Some issues may best be accommodated during a private walk.

Cancellation Policy

Thank you for respecting our 24-hour cancellation policy for all walks and daycare services.
Also, note that a 20% deposit may be required for overnight care, which is refundable
if cancellation is received up to one week in advance of your pet's scheduled stay.


For your convenience, provided below is the required paperwork
which you may download and fill out, if you choose to do so to save time.