Misfit Paws is guided by the dedicated love of Vanessa Bezerra.
Vanessa started working with pets in her early teens, giving walks
and baths to her neighbors' dogs, and realizing she had a passion
for pet care. She decided then she'd be happy caring for pets as
a career.

Apprenticing with her mentor, Letisha Isabella, she learned
the skills of patient, gentle teeth cleaning for dogs and cats.
This holistic approach and gentle touch is the basis of all
avenues of the pet care she provides. Vanessa has been
a professional dog walker in San Francisco for several years.
Every pet she's worked with is as special to her as the pet is
to its owner and hers are to her. A Certified Kennel Technician,
she has worked in local dog-boarding facilities and volunteered
at animal shelters; she has experience with a variety of breeds
and temperaments, and special cases.

She has also moonlighted as a professional dog bather and has been known to sneak in a quick and painless
nail trim to even the most resistant of pets! Her positive, patient approach makes her fast friends with every
pet. And of course, treats win hearts too! Although she sometimes wonders if she's just the chauffer for
The Canine Party Bus, she's still rewarded by an excited bark or by the site of a wet nose peeking from
behind a curtain in anticipation of her daily arrival. It's not hard for Vanessa to love her job when everyone
she works with is always so happy to see her.